New Wings and some changes

by hot sauce and panko


We have a new menu with two additions. Both will be in the same genre as our Green Wings which is not coated, a dry rub applied to the wing then tossed in a vinaigrette or light sauce.

1. Basil Pesto Wings. With the popularity of the Garlic Parmesan we thought we could “milk” this genre a little more and see where it leads to. The pesto is made by us and not store brought. We use an oregano,rosemary and cumin rub then a basil pesto vinaigrette.

2. Bon Vivant’s Curry-Lemongrass Wings w/ ginger-soy dip. Back to our asian centric line of wangs and we dedicated this wing after a group of foodies that are close to our hearts. We decided to spice it up a little but not by much and added a ginger-soy dip to give you a vinegary complement to the curry lemongrass rub as you dip into it. The red pickled ginger is the same ginger you get at a sushi meal along with your wasabi soyu dip. We just blended it into the dip to give it that sweet gingery twist.
In order to have these new wings on the menu we had to take off the Portuguese Wing…to be honest it was kinda subtle as Mr. Lui suggested… In other words NO PUNCH!…critics! Whatever, but he was right. So feel free to talk to us directly, and not leave the hate poop on yelp!

We hope these wings will be ready by Wednesday and we will try but most likely it will be Friday as we will be closed on Thursday May 24th to attend a graduation. Our Free Waffle Thursday will be moved to Friday.