Portuguese Wing for the week

by hot sauce and panko

This week we will introduce a Portuguese-Style Wing which combines Tomato Ketchup (yes, THE TOMATO KETCHUP…keep the hate mail on the NO NO) + kecap manis + red wine vinegar + honey mustard + Tabasco + curry powder + cumin + lemon. Making it a very very Hong Kongish take on portuguese.

That’s it for this week! It’s more about what we are keeping on than taking away and replacing.

The Megumi’s Garlic Parmesan and Spicy Fried Wings (we will be renaming it Fiery Hot Wings because these babies ARE HOT!) are staying.

We were pleasantly surprised that the Spicy Fried Wings (now known as the Fiery Hot Wings) were becoming a hit among the very “hot” crowd so we are keeping them. We loved it and found the paste very addictive and were dipping fries into the paste every chance we got! It’s a unique wing by what we have done in creating them. The paste of grounded chilies is baked into the crust and  the aromas released as the chilies are  baked is beautiful and it does not hurt your eyes with it’s vapors!  These wings came about by us remembering a joint out in Nashville, Tennessee called Prince’s Hot Chicken and we wanted to have a wing in that direction but not copy it because they have they have their sauce and we have ours (DON’T COPY, CREATE YOUR OWN has always been our motto).  But these wings are not for the faint of heart as with Prince’s!  So please be careful. and KNOW YOUR HEAT TOLERANCE!

As for the Megumi’s Garlic Parmesan, you can’t go wrong with the combination of good butter, fresh garlic and freshly grated parmesan!

In order to bring on the Portuguese-Style Wing, the heavenly wings will make its exit.

We were also happy with the weekend of  NO SANDWICH OR SLIDER OPTION. It allowed us to be more relaxed and happy which translated to making the wings without rushing or having NOT TO FOCUS on something else. We were able to interact with you and just say hello.
There were still unhappy people just wanting only sandwiches but folks, it’s an ancillary item for us and it’s not our focus! By the way they come it and walk out in a huff! The sandwiches as a group will only be available from Wednesday to Friday…and that’s that. IT’S PERMANENT!

We are also thinking about bringing back our Chicken, gravy and mash because our Panko Fish and Chips are lonely…so stay tuned as there have been request for this item.

We will also be closing on May 24th (a Thursday) as we will be attending a family school graduation. They grow up so fast. So, what will happen to our FREE WAFFLE THURSDAY…it will be on Wednesday, for now. It may change to Friday but we will keep you posted.

So ENJOY this week’s menu and thank you for your continuing support.