A New Menu and Items

by hot sauce and panko


WE have two new items:
1. megumi’s garlic parmesan. OK, it’s a re-do but we think it will please. It has been said that it is addictive! and we copied it from WingStop (sig), so you be the judge.
2.heavenly wings. It’s a translation from Thai and we liked the name as well as the wings. As with Thai, it’s sweet, savory, salty and a little spice (picante).

The new menu is now posted on our blog so check it out.

You will see that there are no sandwiches. Again, we received another “have fun smelling my poop, bitches!” 1 star review last Sunday. From another individual that has no or very few friends, and they always complaining about the service, then hit us on the sandwiches and our use of the microwave etc. They do lie further and bring in the wings as sub par too. Very strange that this is happening now, we have heard that this is also a technique of the yelp organization to get one to buy into their ad program ($1000 a month) and if you pay, they can wipe these reviews off. We have also gotten calls from a company mentioning that they can get rid of these reviews for us…very strange and it’s very bewildering to us. So if any of you can help by countering these reviews by writing your own it will be most welcome.

By the way, apparently this is not an isolated happening as other businesses have received this treatment. E-THUGS this yelp organization! All for profit on the shoulders of everyone that unconsciously participate.

Anyway, enjoy this week. There will be a separate sandwich menu which we need to post. The sandwiches are only available from Wednesday to Friday.

We want to enjoy making food for all of you and that is also another reason why we are not doing any sliders or sandwiches on weekends. WE can focus on the joy and translating it to you.

So enjoy and hope to see you this week.