What was done with the 10 spice wing

by hot sauce and panko

The video explicit so beware…ENJOY

For those who have tried the 10 spice you would have noticed that there was a difference in the presentation of the crust and it was intentional (unlike most items on our menu, well only when we want to tick people off by HAVING NO SANDWICHES ON WEEKENDS!).

But, we digest.

So what was the intention. We wanted to have the crust separate from the meat. This allowed the crust to be delicately crispy specifically for the 10 spice and keep the meat still moist after our high temperature frying technique which involves triple frying. You will notice that most battered crust matt(cling) to the meat and in most cases you want that as in our KFC. But with the 10 spice we wanted to do something different. It’s called a pomme souflee effect coined by David Chang/Momofuku.

As with all souffle…

You wait for the souffle, the souffle does not wait for you.

This is why sometimes you have to wait for our wings because we are not your regular “wing place” and we just don’t throw it in the fryer.

Stanley, thanks for noticing the difference.

By the way, the 10 spice is a permanent addition to the menu…for all you to try.