New Wings this week

by hot sauce and panko

1) thai BBQ wing. As with all thai food it’s a blend of savory, sweet, salty and a little picante. We use fish sauce, sweet soyu, turmeric, curry powder, cilantro root, garlic and coconut milk. We are more convince that you do not need a grill per se to achieve a BBQ. It’s the char that forms on the surface as the marinade cooks down.
2) We have finally perfected the 10-spice wing and we will be putting a sauce to complement it on the side. The sauce is still in development so you may get different variations as time goes on (typical HS&P fashion).
3) Spicy chili…this is our quest for a Prince’s Hot Chicken of Nashville wing. They make whole pieces of chicken but we thought maybe a wing portion for us. It’s not authentic but it’s a platform for us to take the dive. We had it on the menu last week but folks, we took it off. The chili grind was TOO SPICY and we would have killed most of you. Arrgh, no more customers and friends…what a concept!~ However, we could handle it but it hurt in the pit of our stomachs after it went down our esophagus. So we hopefully will get a lesser grind of heat with this batch. It’s a different wing from the rest,  as the chili PASTE is applied after frying the wing. We found it addictive after you get pass the heat.

SO ENJOY THIS WEEK WITH US…hopefully it will be better for us as compared to the last two weeks.

PS. The major reason why we are a little slower pumping out our creations is because we are now using a tripe fry technique that results in a crispier wing and it is better. There is no oiliness. By the way, we change our oil everyday and you will not have that 1000 year old bad oil taste of most places.