Sandwiches Part 2

by hot sauce and panko


People take our Fried Chicken Sandwich apart and tasting each component individually. Folks, this is not how to eat.
What do you find is a slaw that is bland. A fried chicken tenderloin that may or may not be too salty or over fried etc. Whatever!
This is how we came out with the sandwich.
We hate run-of-the-mill industrial produced tomatoes that you get the whole year round. Tomatoes have a season! We also thought that lettuce was too mundane. So with that in mind, how could we come up with a veggie filler that would push all taste forward and provide a texture compliment to the crunch of the fried tenderloin. We developed our non mayo coleslaw that combines extra virgin olive oil, lime, cabbage for sweetness, onion, cilantro and jalapeño for heat. We add Cheddar and mayo and that’s it. The bread roll is heated in the Panini Grill to soften it. There you have it.
So people take it apart and complain that the slaw is too bland and the chicken too dry. This sandwich has to be eaten whole and not dissected like a carcass.
Your palette is being manipulated by us. When we were a very young and impressionable pup apprenticing in London we learnt that you start by buying the best raw material (why, because you don’t have to work so hard to improve the taste if the taste is there already, very simple). You then turn one’s practice of technique and method to compose a meal. You use components to push elements forward into the forefront and you pull some ingredients that are best as an underlay. You punctuate and you subdue to create a meal…a manipulation, an experience. Therefore, if you are paying BIG BUCKS of a meal at a very fancy hooty-tooty restaurant, run by a highly acclaimed chef, make very sure he is cooking or it isn’t worth it.
So, this is the thought process that goes into the beginning of your meal with us. It is not thoughtless. There is depth of experience going into a sandwich or wings that you eat here. Be very aware. So don’t take our sandwich apart and by the way we do not sell our coleslaw separately anymore (big mistake on our part).

NEXT…the new wings or not so new wings for this week.