New Sandwiches

by hot sauce and panko


Yep…very appetizing but you are on my blog!

We have added two new sandwiches and taken off some…
The sliders are no longer available this week as I will be concentrating on two items. These sandwiches like all our other sandwiches are substantial.
They are:
1) t a c s (or tacky as we like to call it) is the acronym for turkey avocado cranberry swiss…yes, baby it’s hot out there and we need a cold sandwich to carry us thru. We love the flavor profile of the sammy and the turkey we use…it’s deli turkey (be forewarned, and keep the HATE mail on the low low on this one, ok). Folks, we can’t roast a whole turkey because we don’t have room but it’s a good deli meat paired up with the mayo, swiss and cranberry and there’s no veggies.
2) THE REUBEN…we love reubens! It’s a hot sandwich that we are grilling in the Panini. Now we don’t use any butter or oil on the bread so when you bite into it…it’s like un-buttered toast. The moisture comes from the inside where we combine our corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and dressing on dark rye. The dark rye is sweet and has a taste profile of whole wheat and rye! The reuben is sour from the kraut and sweet from the bread/beef/sauce/swiss combo. IT’S meltingly HOT all in one package. This sandwich takes time so be prepared to wait!

By the way we have a new menu and I will be describing the new wings in the next couple of hours so stay tuned!