Free Waffle with Wing Order and SpotOn Signup!

by hot sauce and panko

We are giving out a free waffle with your regular 5 piece or 8 piece wing order. Sorry, only applies to wing orders and does not apply to our sandwiches et al.

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Order your wings.

Step 2: Register with SpotOn at our shop by getting a card or download the app. You will get a spot for your troubles.

Step 3:  Like us on our Facebook page, this will get you an extra point. Yo Yo Ma…you now have 2 spots and a belgium waffle.

For those who have registered but not have “liked us” on Facebook, do it and get a waffle and those would have done both you get a waffle too. Just come in and show us your card, swipe it and get a spot in addition to the waffle! A delayed benefit.

The waffle will be put on a paper plate and not on our regular covered box…it’s free but we also want to save money on the packaging and the landfill.

This is a limited time offer.


1.  Order your wings

2.  Signup on SpotOn

3.  “Like us” on Facebook

4. If you have done this already you still can get a waffle, just show us your card, swipe it and if you haven’t done so yet “Like us” on Facebook.

Why are we doing this…because we need to get away from the Yelp referral traffic! and we want to let you know directly what is happening at the shop.

Hope you understand.

This offer ends on Sunday April 22 at 5:30pm so get in here!