by hot sauce and panko

Why are people continually comparing us to San Tung! The last time we looked at our sign, it still says “Hot Sauce and Panko”. We can, by the way reproduce the San Tung Wing but have chosen not to. It is basically a modified General Tso sauce with smoked/aged red peppers with honey/corn syrup. However, you need a 40,000 – 100,000 btu wok.
Folks, please stop it. We are beyond San Tung and please stop this silly comparison.
Just enjoy what we are doing and the unique taste we come up with. Yes, we may label an item with a familiar epithet but that is a starting point for us. We adjust and cajole the sauce or item to our taste sensibilities and hope you will like it.
We have from the very beginning decided to do quality rather than quantity and if we run out of food we run out and that’s that. So remember you have one individual preparing your food and not many. Again, the sushi chef concept!
It’s the food and everything else is ancillary. We don’t have bathrooms, nor a great amount of sitting and sometimes things get a bit overwhelming and we forget to smile or give you the attention you demand. But folks, you are getting a quality product, produced with care and love at a very reasonable price. Don’t forget this place is CLEAN and open, too!
See you Wednesday.