New Miso Wing

by hot sauce and panko


Taking a page from George Lucas and screwing around with all the Star Wars episodes when the opportunity presents itself, we have now taken this wing to a level where it belongs. Yes, folks we are constantly screwing around and changing our basic items in the hope of making them better.

Whilst living in Japan we have had our fill of yakitori which means chicken on skewers. Tori is chicken and Yaki means the method of cooking which can range from  grilling or pan frying to sometimes baking or broiling. But  grilling on skewers falls under the category of Kushiyaki, a term for food grilled on a skewer. The food is usually marinated.

We wanted to do a miso wing in homage to the miso yakitori we ate there. As you will also note we’ve avoided the ubiquitous teriyaki and for good reason. You need to make tari, which we cannot do at the shop…well not yet.

So what is different! The marinade is the same but we are no longer battering the wings and with the new equipment we can now char and cook the miso on the wing as originally intended.

We also use shichimi togarashi at the end to enhance the flavor of the wings.

Our philosophy of the miso marinade is simple. Use a very high quality miso from Japan and let it do its work. You will notice that some places add in a citrus  component to the miso…because it is cheap and not very good and adding more components  mask its weakness.

So enjoy.