New Thai Peanut

by hot sauce and panko

We survived our Monday which is your Wednesday. We installed the equipment and it’s working but as usual took longer to install. Now we have to get use to the new procedures and machine. Every time we make changes no matter how small or big there is always a disruption to our day or days.
What has this installation done?

Well, the Thai Peanut has evolved and it is better. There is no coating any more on the wing and the sauce has changed (thanks JLo, you were right, FYI, we trust your taste buds).

For the longest time, we have had a love-hate relationship with this wing, but we can now say it is love and we jettisoned the hate. We believe this is going to be a big hit, it’s that good!

The next wing will be the Miso. Megumi, it’s going to be better so don’t worry. We are doing it as a yakitori but instead of bamboo skewers we are are using bones instead so stay tune for an update.