Wings Parmigiana…opps

by hot sauce and panko

We goofed!

Those of you who had our Wings Parmigiana, we apologize. We did not intend to have it come out the way it did. It should not have been “panko-ed” and the “god damned” oven we purchased could not fit the size of the wings. Duh, our wings are big! So when we tried to layer the wings into the oven, guess what they were touching the heating coils. We should have stopped there but didn’t. So, when we  get the oven problem solved, we will make you your order again but the right way this time and for free. Why? Because we feel that we got the right sauce, the right cheeses and the right way to present the wings which is “not coated”. By the way, we really feel these wings will take off! (sorry for pun). Again, sorry for not thinking this though but we will make it right.