New menus

by hot sauce and panko

We have a new menu or menus again. We split it into two, one for wings/extras/waffles and another for sandwiches and our Panko Fried Fish and Chips.

What’s new:

Parmigiana made with wings, parmesan, mozzarella and tomato sauce. We modeled it after a Tuscan recipe we learned from a wife of a “made man”…we use to baby sit with her when he made the rounds at night around Little Italy. We learn to cook home Italian and in the hands of a great person and cook.

The sandwiches will now be panini grilled as we had done in the beginning.  We had an old “made in Italy, heavy as an anvil” panini grill that went tits up several months ago and we couldn’t find anyone to repair it. We loved the panini!  There is nothing like equipment that you know, it’s intricacies  and that one has familiarity with because you have spent the time to know it…just sad that it’s now sitting on the shelf.

Anyway, check out the menus and remember the SPOTON Rewards and sign up.