BLANTANT PROMOTION BY US…read on at your own risk

by hot sauce and panko

We recently installed a “loyalty program” (you can find on our Facebook page, it says “SpotOn” rewards…arrgh we hate the new Facebook timeline thingy ) to substitute for our problematic and much maligned “Buy 9, get the next purchase free” program. (The graphic for the stamps on the back of the card was cool according to Stanley L.).

One day, JL from walked in and on that day we weren’t our odorous selves and we listened. We didn’t understand the program he was pitching but was willing to give it a try.  It does not focus on purchases but on visits to our shop!  JL thanks for taking the time and caring.

So this is how it works as we understand it at this time.

You can sign up by either getting a card when you come in or getting the app (Spoton Mobile) for either Apple or Android. Make sure it’s from When you sign up you get one spot. Then every time you come in you swipe your card or phone and you get a spot.

One Spot = One Visit.

Now, if you do “good deeds” for us like LIKE US on Facebook you get one more spot and if you tell a friend or fiend, you earn more spots.  By the way, there is a SpotOn rewards button on our Facebook page somewhere…we hate this new timeline page! Really we do!
For those who are already our friends and liked us, you still can get the spot by just going to our Facebook page and click on the SpotOn rewards button and since you already liked us before you would have already earned 1 spot, all you have to do is register to claim that spot as well as earn another spot for registering. Remember what email you use because that will be your main identifier so if you lose your card or god forbid your phone you can re-register and get back what you lost.
What do get for all this trouble:
25 spots = a free single order of wings
30 spots = a free hot sauce (<$7)
60 spots = a free 1/2 pan of wings…yo yo ma!


Now for the real reasons, we are trying to find ways to get the word out about our daily goings-on and ruminations on our blog HOTSAUCEANDPANKO.COM, especially when we change the menus or add new items or lambast yelpers, also we have tended to be unpredictable and erratic and we apologize for it. We also wanted to reward you for your loyalty (which we know is not given easily), for bearing with us and just coming back WHY?…thanks.
So when JL come thru our doors our intuition told us to give this a try. We hope you will approve.
Have a Happy Monday and see you on Wednesday…FYI, we are thinking of closing this upcoming Sunday, us being Roman Catholics and all…Satan’s got no grip on our testis!