by hot sauce and panko

The mediator
Between brain
And hands must
Be the heart!

Honor the work done and ingredients used. It is after all for you. If you don’t then all we can do is put it out there for your consideration.

Entitlement is what has surprised us whether it was for a smile, attention, a cheap eat, a toilet and more free stuff.  We are benevolent and a few individuals have hurt us by taking advantage…not all but a few and some have wrote about it following the axiom “have fun smelling my poop bitches”. However, most of you do get it and we appreciate deeply for this reciprocation.

We also need to telegraph the price increases you will be seeing in the future. Wing prices are going through the roof as suppliers are taking advantage to make more money. We have had seven price increases, yes seven since we opened and we have always found ways to maintain our prices until now. Wings are no longer cheap and we need to get away from that mindset…the prices you are thinking of are from five to ten years ago.

We are literally a mom and pop operation and would like to keep it that way for the quantity and care we can impart.

The first salvo in getting back control will be reorganizing our nontraditional menu that will work for us and work for you. The categories will still be:wings/sauces;sides;waffles;sandwiches. But, boy watch out for something completely different.
As for the trials and tribulations we are continually experiencing, it is what it is until it isn’t…just haven’t  turned the corner yet and we hope it comes soon…there’s only a limited amount of brain cells remaining between the both of us.
Again, have a great time doing what you are  and see you Saturday.