by hot sauce and panko

We are losing our focus.

The beginnings of our shop was a simple one.
1. A sushi bar for Wings!
2. A limited number of accompaniments i.e. sides.
3. A select range of hot sauces with a tasting bar.
4. A simple dessert like the Belgium Waffle.
5. One great sandwich…which we are still working on. (The sliders come very close).

In the next couple of days you will see us preparing to get back on track. There will be a new menu as well as other changes we will be taking. All we hope for is that you will come for the ride.

Remember, we make the food smile.

It is no simple task.

What you see presented to you had been pre-staged with a lot of proper technique, time and care. Yes, care and that is what separates us. We don’t cook by the numbers nor on autopilot and we pay attention to details. The changes will further these elements.