Closed today Monday Mar 12 Sorry folks

by hot sauce and panko

There are too many things happening today and this place is so small and there is only two of us that any bump along the way no matter how small has repercussions.

We have new equipment coming in which has forced us to closed in order to have it installed.

We also have family to look after.

This has not been a pleasant five weeks, folks.

By the way check out our first one star review on yelp…by Zane T…her friend bryan y. was kind enough to give us 3 stars but I guess Miss Zane didn’t like what karen I. said in her review who gave us a four star. I will however respond to Miss Zane in due time as she is also calling all her Face Book friends to boycott us.  I just don’t understand how people can hold on to such anger when they feel they were wronged…folks, it’s just chicken wings and this incident happened a month ago!

All I can say is that it wasn’t that way and we were tag-teamed by these individuals.

I know what most of you feel about yelp but it’s a fact of life for a restaurant not having to deal with them. I have told them to put me on a no call list but every-time someone comes through our doors and say that we have great reviews on yelp….we cringe.

If you guys can help in any way please do.