Potemkin Wings?

by hot sauce and panko

Why things take a little longer at HS&P.

These are not Potemkin Wings! When you ask what is the fastest wings we can make…sorry but it will be ready when it is ready. Yes, our coated wings take a little longer because of the coating application but please…we are made to order and we just don’t throw wings in the fryer like our competition.

Again, why a little longer.

There is a science behind this madness.  Wings are chock-full of collagen, which begins to break down when temperatures are greater than   170 degrees. Cooking the wings to 180 degrees produced meltingly tender wings which you can’t stop eating! The other reason is our wings are jumbo size and there are size differences between them   that need different times for cooking. You will see us put wings back into the fryer to finish them off almost all the time.

This also is why we use the microwave to complete the cooking of our boneless chicken that are used for our sandwiches. It has a different coating that can’t bear the high temperatures we use for the wings.

And, no we do not have boneless wings. What’s the point, wings have bones to give structure for flight…and it isn’t a jellyfish.

So come in and order, wait a little and when these babies are plated, eat and enjoy. It’s that simple.