The bad luck still continues…

by hot sauce and panko

And the weekend menu is here which means no sandwiches except our sliders..probably going to get bad reviews for these little simple ones too. No Brown Sugar and Ham Wings and definitely no walk in 1/2 pans. Listen our food is cheap enough so don’t take advantage by trying to strong arm us into one of these. If you need to feed people or yourself order more single orders…it’s that simple…by the way got a bad review for that too and also told us that one of us should be fired…for your info we own the place. How inane! So…

It is what it is until it isn’t.

Just waiting for this period to end and we may close on Monday to review the last weeks and what we will do in the future.

By the way, with the 1/2 pans that are called in on the same day…we will be using the scheduling method we implemented during the SuperBowl. You will be put into the next available open slot and we will only do a 1/2 pan every 30 minutes. So if you think ahead call early and if you need it for Sunday, it would be wise to call on Saturday to reserve your prefered time for pickup.