Enough is enough…

by hot sauce and panko

In the last two weeks we have had threats called in to us the last one with the words “lock your doors”! Idiot yelpers who want their food sooner with the 1/2 and full pans and of course yelping about their experiences which is why we took off the 1/2 option (folks, the 1/2 pan is a great deal but it impacts the rest of the orders around it in terms of time AND QUALITY.)  Problems with our food suppliers. People taking advantage of our generosity and much more too numerous and basically too debasing to mention.

Folks, this is what WILL HAPPEN because we need to take A PREEMPTIVE STRIKE.

1.    1/2 AND FULL PANS ARE NOW CATERING ITEMS. You want this you order it ahead of time and schedule it for pickup.

2.   The offer of “buy 9 get the 10 one free” on the back of our business card is rescinded and no longer available. Again you can thank a yelper.

This is it for now. But we are PISSED! If you don’t like it go somewhere else!

The threats have been reported to the police who can’t do anything anyway so be aware WE TAKE NO PRISONERS. YOU COME IN HERE YOU WILL NOT LEAVE BECAUSE WE HAVE A BACKYARD and flowers to grow on top of you! AND WE HAVE WEAPONS.

The bad period we are going through does not seem to be abating so please understand that if we can’t crack a smile or be nice sometimes it is because we have a lot on our shoulders to deal it. AND PLEASE BE NICE and support us.