More details about the new menu

by hot sauce and panko


There are 5 new items:

Remoulade Wings. These are coated with another of our dry rubs. The heat of the wings just out of the fryer cooks the spices just enough and you will see it. You then dip the wing in our Cajun style remoulade which is a mayo based sauce just like 1000 island but on steroids.

Curry Wings. It is panko crusted and fried, then our curry sauce is poured over the wings. The curry is coconut based with our indian spice blend and thai curry paste. It is not quite thai and not quite indian but oh so good.

Hiromi’s Wings Katsu. Everything is off the shelf on this one. Why! That’s the way it should be done and it is classic which means don’t mess with what has been done to perfection by others as Hiro says. By the way, he found our Fried Panko Wing too “herbaceous”.

And another thing…the only way to go with sauce for this wing is Bulldog Tonkatsu and he is right! Another great product off the shelf. Thanks Hiro.

Panko Fried Fish and Chips. It’s not a beer battered fish fillet but panko. There is less oil and is much more healthier. And you know the rest…fish and chips.

Panko Fried Fish Sandwich. Again it’s a simple sandwich. Our panko fried fish which is cod, remoulade drizzled over our non-mayo spicy slaw which is olive oil based. Simple and we love this sandwich, so much so we eat it everyday…really!

So enjoy.