Elvis Lives!

by hot sauce and panko

We have added Curry Wings to the menu.  We just called it what it is.

Ok, you say what has happened to the “Country Captain” and I say it has evolved into a HS&P twist. For the longest time we wanted to carry something with curry and we’ve settled on the current curry wings. The wings will be coated with lemongrass and curry. It is then bathed in our blend of Thai and Indian spices with coconut milk. We think it gives you a much more curry flavor blast which was a little absent from the Country Captain.

There is again a new menu so check it out. We will be doing a mesclun salad with cucumber , onion and pine nuts  with our spicy house vinegar dressing. There will be a new slider with clams and Cajun romoulade sauce among other additions. All sliders have a slice of our house pickle.

Fish and chips are back on the menu…our fish is not beer battered but coated lightly with panko . It’s lighter and much more satisfying.

The ginger snap gravy wings are coming soon…ok.

Please also pay attention to how to order.

We have also instituted a last call policy of 30 minutes before closing…folks we need to get a life and it takes us an hour to an hour and a half to clean up for the next day. Understand also, that this is the life we have chosen because it is authentic and guttural. We make things with our hands and not nothing out of nothing.  So please understand and plan ahead.

Thanks again for your support as it is very much appreciated…VERY VERY APPRECIATED and it’s from the bottom of our hearts.