A message to everyone.

by hot sauce and panko

We deeply apologize to everyone who had to wait again. There were four incidents that had repercussions down the line. We will not detail them but we hope we do see these individuals again. We are not a “fast food joint” and our capacity is limited, however we do produce quality and you will have to wait when necessary.  We are not happy at our performance but it has happen and we can only move forward.

Hiro, thank you for taking the initiative again. We are in your debt.

We are glad that football season is OVER! We plan to stay the course we have charted for ourselves by being authentic  and kind, but please don’t take advantage.

To everyone who have supported us we thank you from the bottom of out hearts.

There will be however, some changes we will be making and will be posting it on our blog at a future time.

We will be closed on Monday because we have sold out of wings and reopen on Wednesday.