New items and Chupy C…

by hot sauce and panko

We will introduce a couple of new items:

FRIED CHICKEN WINGS or Tori no kara-age

What is it? Kara-age means  “Chinese fry” in Japanese. It is fired chicken done in the Japanese way and it is delicate and a refinement of a hot fried chicken wing. In Japan during Summer it is consumed with cold beer  and warm sake or shocha in winter.

We have used Mochiko Flour, garlic, ginger, a little sake and shiro soyu (white soy sauce usually used for  Kaiseki cuisine).


It’s about a 6” torpedo roll with an absence of a crust. It encloses a breaded fried chicken tenderloin with mayo and our house made pickle. Simple and very fresh.

We will be coming out with a fish fry patty soon and instead of mayo we will use tartar sauce.

Coming soon or in the works…


It’s battered with crushed coriander, cumin and cinnamon. It is then covered with a sauce that has sriracha “red rooster” sauce as a component with butter, cilantro and lime.

CHICKEN CORDON BLEU WING…yes, swiss cheese with prosciutto wrapped around a wing. It will be battered of course.

By the way folks, Chupy C has removed his review and he has disappeared from yelp!