I replied to a yelper review.

by hot sauce and panko


Review from Chupy C.

  • San Francisco, CA

    • Hard to understand the 4.5 star rating on here.  It would lead one to believe that the food is actually good at HS&P.  This is false.  The chicken is all frozen crap.  Why would you open a wing spot and serve nasty Costco frozen wings.  The chicken sandwich is the same story but add floppy microwaved bacon.  The only redeeming quality about this place is the vast selection of hot sauces.  However I will be avoiding the food until they can grasp the basics.


    Comment from Terrence L. of Hot Sauce and Panko 1/19/2012


  • Thank you for your review and also for giving us a platform to elucidate what we do at our store. Yes the wings are frozen and by choice. The wings start off raw and are brined. It is then steamed fully cooked and then flashed frozen. At this point it awaits to be fried. The process we use can be summed up in three words…brine, steam, fried. We can assure you that our wings are not from Costco. We choose wings of a certain size and they tend to be very big.
    As for the chicken sandwich, we use a tenderloin that is coated in a crispy breading. The tenderloin is raw and as it cooks in the fryer the meat is basically steamed in the fryer. This is how fish is cooked when they make fish and chips. The use of the microwave is basically a finishing component of the cooking process. Our fryer is calibrated at a higher then normal frying temperature meaning that the tenderloin has to be taken out before the outer part of the crust gets too dry. The microwave is used to complete the cooking/steaming process.
    As for the use of the microwave, we think it’s a great piece of equipment. Barbara Kafka, collaborator of James Beard has written a book devoted to microwave cooking which we highly recommend for those who don’t have access to a kitchen at home.  And Bacon done in the microwave is not bad either  as Marco Pierre White can attest and I agree.
    Thank you for acknowledging the selection of sauces we carry. We continually add new sauces every week. The sauces we carry we select which means we filter out what doesn’t taste good.
    As for the basics. We think we have enough gravitas and pedigree to go beyond the basics.
    Again thank you for your review.