Changes…good changes part 1

by hot sauce and panko

We are adding to the types of wings you get and they are?

1. No coating.

Our original wing which is just fried and yes, they do get soggy the moment sauce touches them. This wing has changed somewhat as they are a little bit crispier but not to the stage of a coated wing.

2. Coated.

These are crispy and take to sauce very well. They are used for our asian inspired wings such as the KFC, bulgogi and many more.

This will quell all the little silly complaints of our wing not crispy enough.

3. Panko.

This is our version of  fried chicken. Uber crispy and much more tasty than the regular flour coated stuff. We season the panko with a spice and herb mix.

These have just been incorporated into the menu so if you haven’t been by recently you will be in for a surprise.