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Month: January, 2012

We will be closed on Monday Jan 30 and Tuesday Jan 31

Sorry folks but we really really need some rest. There will be a menu for the Super Bowl as well as a new menu for the store so stay tuned.

The Red Rooster Wing will be a permanent addition as lots of you liked it. However, there will be some items that we will be dropping from the menu.

We hope also that you understand that quality rather than the bottom-line runs our little place. This is why we are closed in order to regroup. This will also give us the time to develop and introduce new items.

Anyway see you Wednesday.


Remember folks, no sandwiches for the weekend except our sliders

Sorry folks but we have to keep things moving. Apparently, another yelper has deducted points for us having a long wait and that our prices were “on the steep side”.

Yes, the wait can be long but some of you are READING THE WEBSITE AND MENU and ordering your 1/2 pans or more ahead of time and not just walking in to place your order…THANKS A BUNCH, it’s much appreciated.

Please, we are not a fast food joint and some of our wings take time. Most of you understand that.

As far as our prices…a Belgium Waffle with all the fixings for $2.49? Is it expensive? Even our jumbo size wings or our 1/2 pans. ..Is it that expensive or on the steep side? Very confused.

Red Rooster Wings is now available…

It’s not not spicy so if you want a little more heat let us know.