by hot sauce and panko

We didn’t have a choice but to close on Friday Dec 30.

With our wing stock depleted we decided to meet with our  supplier and they have assured us that we will not run out in the future. By the way I’ve had many a sleepless night because of this and I hope you understand.

We also have wings for the weekend so come on by. The store opens at 11:30am but will close early at 5pm on Saturday and Sunday…arrrh the perils of family mixed with the new year…very hard to keep focus.

By the way you can call ahead to place your orders for the New Year and we will be happy to fulfill them. The pre order list is building and we are very happy that you are thinking of us for your celebrations.

The new menu has been inserted into the menu page so check it out.

What’s new on the menu!

The visual format  for one.

Fried Panko Wings.  It’s my version of “Fried Chicken” and it’s different from everything else. My belief has always been not to copy. Why be a clone when you can be an individual with a soul!

It has a herb and spice blend mixed into the panko and really integrates well into the panko when fried. The crust is crispy and with a lot of crunch. You dip it or pour the sauce provided.  Please remember, the chicken and sauce go hand in hand but you can eat the wings separately.  The sauce is made in house and it has a more sweet than salty profile…and it’s not sweet and sour. Sorry but the herb blend and sauce is proprietary and was developed with a satanic mindset … as with everything we do at HS&P.

By the way, this takes the place of the mochiko wings…opps. But hey, we own our place and can do what we like…

Filipino Adobo Wings…we love adobo and when we lived in the Philippines during the times of the Marcos with the “brown outs” and night curfews…believe it or not it was a safer time than it is now.

This wing however will be available next week beginning in the new year.

We will be putting rice on the menu, also available next week. This will take the place of mashed potatoes which never really took off.

Also, we are developing a  gravy with the wings but more about this later…wings and gravy redux.

The fake chicken sandwich is back because you ask for it.

The smoked salmon is off the menu…not much demand since it’s NOT WILD. Peoples, check the prices…it’s not in the WILD price zone…and I don’t want to be privy to a further depletion of the sea life  population even if it is farmed.

If we don’t see you before the new year…HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of hearts and thank yous.  2012 will be better…it just will.