Christmas is almost here but not quite there yet…

by hot sauce and panko

…and we are open until 7pm tonight. I know the hours say 8pm but because we don’t work for a soulless corporation and by the way the supreme court in their infinite wisdom has ruled that a corporation is an individual…but we digress.


Oh, by the way we have gift certificates in any denomination via email.

How does it work…you pay us. We personalize the gift certificate…if you like the humor of this site, it will be in that vein. Just let us know your relationship with the person the gift is for and we will take it from there and completely destroy it by the gift certificate contents.

We will then email the certificate to you in pdf. You print it and give it…omg it rhymes. Anyway, we have done several and people love it so if you what to try it, we will love to supply it…another rhyme.