The new menu

by hot sauce and panko

OK so this is the new menu in pdf just click below


What’s new…

  1. 1x heat Pure Capsaisin Wings is not for the faint of heart. It is both sweet and HOT. So please be careful and as if that is going to stop some of you.
  2. Aji Limo Rojo Wings with a touch of shichimi spices, lemongrass, fresh garlic and ginger with fried shallots. Aji Limo Rojo are dried Peruvian peppers. This is a dry wing in the same vein as the Green.
  3. Bulgogi Wings is our favorite of all the new introductions. We love these wings. The sauce is made fresh every day and you will be able to taste the freshness. We can spice it up or not.
  4. Crisscut Sweet Potato Fries have replaced the regular sweet fries.
  5. Breaded Clam Strips with dipping sauce of Tartar or Remoulade.
  6. We have a new VEGETARIAN sandwich and it is the Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Sandwich. The patty is by Morningstar and we have added our spicy slaw, avocado, cheddar and mayo…it’s pretty delicious.
  7. There is another…which we didn’t put on the menu. It is our SALT AND PEPPER WINGS…which will include black and white pepper, Szechuan peppers, cornstarch, garlic, ginger and scallions.  We are still working to perfecting them and will be available soon.