by hot sauce and panko

The electrical has been installed and I wasn’t able to open until 1.  Sorry to those who came by that we had to turn away.

We are hopeful that the equipment coming in will do the trick. By the way, one of the reasons why it takes a little more time for the wings is that they are coming out a little more crispier.

As you all know I refuse to mummify our wings to the point of this

…but you get the point and by the way, it was either this picture or this

Ok…Ok…this picture is lame and we really really have  grosser pictures of mummify individuals in our archive…and we are self-censoring for those who are wondering…you are out there…you just haven’t called for a boycott YET. Better yet just OCCUPY our place and I will feed you.

Our Draconian menu is still in effect.