What’s happening on Saturday 19th November

by hot sauce and panko

We’ll be opening a little later because we are getting a much needed electrical upgrade for our second installment of equipment coming in. Sorry but it was either Saturday or having to wait until the later part of January 2012. (And we can’t)

Also, in the meantime we will be running a temporary DRACONIAN menu. Again my apologies, this is to prepare for the upsurge of people eating at our place. We cannot disappoint you by having you wait an inordinate amount of time and for us to maintain our standard of food that we are accustom to. Please remember it is only temporary until we get the new equipment in which will be before the end of the month…hopefully.

What’s the DRACONIAN menu:

  • 1/2 pan has a maximum of 3 sauces
  • we will only have french fries
  • there will be no 50/50
  • no onion rings and soba salad

Otherwise, everything is game…LET’S EAT