What changed on the new menu?

by hot sauce and panko

First, the sandwiches which use to come with a small side is no more. I know it was a great deal but we just couldn’t keep up and needed to take it off before both of us expired.  Hope you all will understand.

The chili now comes in a 1/2 pound sourdough bread bowl and it’s still $3.99. It’s great when the weather turns cold and it’s a good small meal.

We’ve added some new dry and wet sauces for the wings and I put back the prosciutto wing and frying it and not leaving it raw (like Lady Gaga)…it taste like bacon.

We now have wings and gravy. I’ve taken the ikea route with either mashed potatoes or french fries with gravy and cranberry.

The vegetarian wings are now available and we have settled on its final form and taste. We didn’t go the path of trying to duplicate a real wing but decided to interpret a wing…it looks like a satay stick and the stick is the bone…ok.

Our prices are still the same as we strongly believe that they are fair.

Have a great week and don’t forget to eat wings.