A Yelper has called for a boycott of our place…

by hot sauce and panko

This was our 24th review on Yelp by a reviewer who has not eaten at our place and calling herself Angie M. who apparently is taking exception to part of our website. The picture is of a child who is normal but she deems as have “downs”. The picture was from a “funnies” website showing a child engross in eating a chicken wing. She claims that that child is eating “our wings”. That child is not. 

I think that if she was that would be the “million dollar” expression. Which is why I put that picture on our site. By the way, the kids that do come by are intensely focus of our delicious wings and so are the parents.

The review is transcribed below (you can go to yelp to view it):

“HAVE NOT EATEN HERE….BUT live in the outer richmond and always following clement turnovers so I was reading the reviews on this place, so I go to check out the website and I am appalled. The “haha” picture was of a disabled child (some form of downs?) going to town on their wings. ANYONE WITH A CONSCIENCE SHOULD BOYCOTT THIS PLACE, and yes, I am being that annoying “standing up for what’s right” person

I don’t even want to give a star, I just have to to be able to voice my opinion about this exploitation, can you imagine how crushed the parents would feel? or the girl if she is able to comprehend what they have done?”

So is this an attempted  “drive by” to kill us?

If you have a problem, deal with us face to face and not anonymously. All you had to do was come in and talk to us. But you choose to give us one star and tell everyone to BOYCOTT US without a courtesy of a visit.

I refuse this extortion and blackmail.

I am putting out a clarion call to all…please help us. If possible go to Yelp and put a review to counteract this. I have written to Angie and to the Yelp Organization but I know this will not work as they consider everything as a personal opinion…even lying.

This is our livelihood and for some anonymous person to  do harm to us is unconscionable.

People have told us not to worry. But we do because it is not right and it is inherently unfair.