The Vegetarian Wing is here for a limited time…

by hot sauce and panko

I have a limited amount of Vegetarian Wings and it will be available on Friday (so we may sell out). They go pretty well with all the sauces. It’s not a hassle to make them because we were once vegetarian for more than 10 years so I understand the dilemma when eating out… NOW YOU HAVE THE OPTION.

Why are we no longer vegetarian?  “Roman Catholic mothers, especially the fire and brim-stone kind and having a bishop as a family friend”…both didn’t understand about Karma, bald-headedness and living in communes…and don’t forget about wearing that “special type” of loin cloth for underwear (for those in the know) but we digress.

The Hanbanero Wings will not be available until next week…making a really really big batch because we sold out again.