NEW Fake “it’s vegetarian” Fried Chicken Sandwich…

by hot sauce and panko

Sorry for being silent for so long but we have two new items.

I have been working on a vegetarian wing and we are almost there. But in the meantime, as a by-product of it we have a vegetarian “chicken nugget”  which I’m pretty happy about. Remember that these are fried in the same oil as the regular chicken.

I don’t want to not use this so, (wait of it)… we have:


Morningstar Veggi Bacon/Spicy Slaw/American Cheese/Mayo and of course with our “vegetarian chicken nuggets”.

This will replace our Vegetarian Bacon Avocado and Cheese Sandwich.

Also, I’m bring back the Garlic Parmi but with a twist.  Instead of Parmesan I’ve put in Manchego Cheese. I had a problem with the Parmesan tasting like paper. These I think you will like:


Manchego cheese/garlic/”not” spicy herb dust

I made these wings especially not spicy for our customers who can’t eat hot.

Also, the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami continues to have it’s repercussions on our menu and the Miso Wings are temporary  unavailable, until I can get the special miso I’ve been using.