Thursday Sept. 15th

by hot sauce and panko

PG&E will be doing some work on our electrical line in the morning and hopefully they will be finished by noon. They will however be shutting of the electricity.  Irregardless we will be open so call as to the status. It’s not gas but they can still electrocute us…never mind.

The menu is now updated and posted in pdf. You can view and print.

I included a new sandwich called a “RRBBLT”. It is Rare Roast Beef/Bacon/Amercan Cheese/Slaw/Onion Rings/BBQ sauce/Mayo on Light Rye and it does not have Lettuce and Tomato.

I will also be coming out wth some new wing sauces later in the week.

The Green Wings will be available by the end of the week…still preparing the spice mix (sorry, the spice must flow).

We will also have new business hours but have not decided yet(We are thinking of closing at 8pm).