We will be closed on Tuesday for cleanup and catchup…OMG it rhymes

by hot sauce and panko

I am going to ask you to respond to whether you would like to see vegetarian wings on the menu. It will be tofu encrusted with panko or something else for sauce adherence. The problem is that it will be fried in the same oil that we fry the chicken wings and would not be truly vegetarian  (FYI, most restaurants fry in the same oil and call it vegetarian and I wanted you to know before hand what we would do before I launch these wings).

So, get on to my Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/HSandP wall and let me know before I proceed.

Remember, the sauces are vegetarian so why not the “wing”…tofu anyway.

Again, let me know and I will start working on the technical details. And remember, it will be fried in the same oil as the chicken wings!