It’s Monday and our Friday…

by hot sauce and panko

Hi there, sorry we haven’t kept up with the daily postings but WE HAVE BEEN BUSY.

Anyway, we’ll be closed on Tuesday for some catch up and the BIG CLEAN of our store.

This week we will be introducing new sauces to go with the wings. We’re currently experimenting…no working on a Miso Base wing sauce and a habenero (if I can find them) cognac based sauce that we think you will like. By the way, the congac in the habanero sauce is not evaporated away and are for adults so don’t feed it to the kids.

The XO sauce still needs work and we have taken it off the menu. Sorry folks.

The Kuzu Salt and Pepper will make its comeback this week because I can make another batch.

Also, we got in some new hot sauces, or what we like to call “pourable pepper sauces”…sorry for the confusion. I will post the list soon.

We are adding tables and seating outside and inside the store per your numerous requests. It’s not much but it’s comfortable.

Remember to be kind…or not