2 person opus dei or finding WINGS in daily life

by hot sauce and panko

We came about because we love chicken but didn’t want to do large chicken pieces. We favored dark meat rather than white as to taste thus settling on wings…a very much overlooked part of the chicken. To us, it had just the right amount of meat to skin to bone ratio.

We also did not want to coat the wing but wanted the skin to crisp up in place of the coat.

We wanted to introduce sauces that were wing standards but also create sauces that were not. We wanted to offer a lot of them disregarding the normal convention of just a few. We do combinations that are out of the norm.

The waffle came about by having a sweet option. Nobody knows the origin of the “Chicken and Waffle” thingie but the combination makes sense. And why not, our waffles are savory and Belgium.

Then match it up with our love of bottled pepper sauces…”hot sauces” and there you have it. HOT SAUCE AND PANKO.