by hot sauce and panko

Just to let you know how the hot sauce part of this store came about…

Awhile back I was looking for “Matouk’s Calypso Sauce Hot Sauce” which I use for stir-fry. The Chinese diaspora in South America incorporate this into their dishes.

So, no one really had it, there were false leads and when you got there it wasn’t on the shelves. Checked the internet and was appalled at the freight charges…these stores were advertising a cheap price but was making up on the shipping charges.

The other factor was that there were no establishments that really focused on “pourable pepper sauces” i.e. hot sauce.

The result is…

I have one bottle of Matouk’s Calypso ON THE SHELF.

I carry what I like and what I know is good stuff.

The interior of the store is functional and to the point, just like our food and sauces.