closed monday and tuesday cu wednesday

We will be changing our BLOG location…

Hi Folks,

Hopefully in the next day or so we will be changing our web/blog thingie location. We hope we can transfer everything but be aware it isn’t going smoothly. So if you get email notifications from us you may have to re-register your email again when the new site is up…sorry but you are dealing with PROUD LUDDITES! So bear with us…and keep the yelp hate poop on the NO NO…OK!


Say NO to sandwich weekend!

Just be glad…

The weekend menu is in effect. Which means on sandwiches and some items may not be available due to the fact we may not had time to prepare them. Sorry folks.


FREE Waffle FRIDAY! Must be a SpotOn member and an order of wings.

We took Thursday off so Friday is free waffle make-up day. Remember you need to be a member of SpotOn and order wings to get the waffle.


90 Nice One, Matt

…we have a graduation to attend.

New Wings and some changes


We have a new menu with two additions. Both will be in the same genre as our Green Wings which is not coated, a dry rub applied to the wing then tossed in a vinaigrette or light sauce.

1. Basil Pesto Wings. With the popularity of the Garlic Parmesan we thought we could “milk” this genre a little more and see where it leads to. The pesto is made by us and not store brought. We use an oregano,rosemary and cumin rub then a basil pesto vinaigrette.

2. Bon Vivant’s Curry-Lemongrass Wings w/ ginger-soy dip. Back to our asian centric line of wangs and we dedicated this wing after a group of foodies that are close to our hearts. We decided to spice it up a little but not by much and added a ginger-soy dip to give you a vinegary complement to the curry lemongrass rub as you dip into it. The red pickled ginger is the same ginger you get at a sushi meal along with your wasabi soyu dip. We just blended it into the dip to give it that sweet gingery twist.
In order to have these new wings on the menu we had to take off the Portuguese Wing…to be honest it was kinda subtle as Mr. Lui suggested… In other words NO PUNCH!…critics! Whatever, but he was right. So feel free to talk to us directly, and not leave the hate poop on yelp!

We hope these wings will be ready by Wednesday and we will try but most likely it will be Friday as we will be closed on Thursday May 24th to attend a graduation. Our Free Waffle Thursday will be moved to Friday.


Hey folks we are closed Mondays and Tuesdays CU Wednesday


It’s the weekend so we are taking a sandwich holiday and just focusing on our wings



It’s FREE WAFFLE THURSDAY…you have to order wings AND be a SPOTON member

Voted Best Chicken Wings for 2012 by SFWeekly…


Folks, this morning unbeknownst to us, we were notified by SFWeekly of having the best Chicken Wings in San Francisco! It’s on page 72 or you can check it out

Our cup runneth over…we are in shock!


The demise of the 1/2 pan or is it…PLEASE READ


We no longer have ½ pans.

We refuse to produce them.


we really hated to do this post, in fact this has been in the back burner for a while…we just couldn’t do it!  But in the last three and a half weeks we have gotten so many people feeling entitled and getting mad at us,  some retaliating by using yelp…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Don’t use yelp to do a phoney review about our food when you know it was all about the quantity and you feeling cheap!


you can order three 8 x 1s.

This will give you 24 wings with three sauces.

You will pay $26.67 plus tax for this same day service.

Orders place on the same day will be put in available ½ hour slots.

As these slots fill up, subsequent orders will be placed in the next open slot.

You will be given a time slot when your wings will be ready.

We prepare your wings ahead of time (just before your pickup time…it does not, I repeat, it does not stay under the heat lamp for hours! but only minutes…got it!). Your wings will be sauced when you arrive. Why are we doing this? It is because you sometimes are not on time and by saucing your wings at the last moment will preserve a little more freshness to the wings. This will add additional time when we sauce, remember this! But it will be worth it.

If you want your wings “sauced up” before you arrive, let us know and your wings will be “packaged, good to go” when you pay.


Orders placed 24 hours ahead will cost you $22.89 plus tax. Yes, there is a discount and it is because we appreciate the “heads up” on your order and you deserve this discount for thinking ahead. All we want it more time to prepare, that’s all.

These orders will take precedent over the same day orders.

You will let us know when you need them and they will be ready at the appointed time for your pickup.

As with the “same day wings” we will prepare a little ahead (minutes before your appointed time of pickup) and sauce your wings when you arrive. This will add additional time when saucing but it will be worth it.

If you want your wings “sauced up” before you arrive, let us know and your wings will be “packaged, good to go” when you pay.

How to order:

Come in and order for the next day.

 Call us @ 415-387-1908

Email us @ we will send you a confirming email.

Portuguese Wing for the week

This week we will introduce a Portuguese-Style Wing which combines Tomato Ketchup (yes, THE TOMATO KETCHUP…keep the hate mail on the NO NO) + kecap manis + red wine vinegar + honey mustard + Tabasco + curry powder + cumin + lemon. Making it a very very Hong Kongish take on portuguese.

That’s it for this week! It’s more about what we are keeping on than taking away and replacing.

The Megumi’s Garlic Parmesan and Spicy Fried Wings (we will be renaming it Fiery Hot Wings because these babies ARE HOT!) are staying.

We were pleasantly surprised that the Spicy Fried Wings (now known as the Fiery Hot Wings) were becoming a hit among the very “hot” crowd so we are keeping them. We loved it and found the paste very addictive and were dipping fries into the paste every chance we got! It’s a unique wing by what we have done in creating them. The paste of grounded chilies is baked into the crust and  the aromas released as the chilies are  baked is beautiful and it does not hurt your eyes with it’s vapors!  These wings came about by us remembering a joint out in Nashville, Tennessee called Prince’s Hot Chicken and we wanted to have a wing in that direction but not copy it because they have they have their sauce and we have ours (DON’T COPY, CREATE YOUR OWN has always been our motto).  But these wings are not for the faint of heart as with Prince’s!  So please be careful. and KNOW YOUR HEAT TOLERANCE!

As for the Megumi’s Garlic Parmesan, you can’t go wrong with the combination of good butter, fresh garlic and freshly grated parmesan!

In order to bring on the Portuguese-Style Wing, the heavenly wings will make its exit.

We were also happy with the weekend of  NO SANDWICH OR SLIDER OPTION. It allowed us to be more relaxed and happy which translated to making the wings without rushing or having NOT TO FOCUS on something else. We were able to interact with you and just say hello.
There were still unhappy people just wanting only sandwiches but folks, it’s an ancillary item for us and it’s not our focus! By the way they come it and walk out in a huff! The sandwiches as a group will only be available from Wednesday to Friday…and that’s that. IT’S PERMANENT!

We are also thinking about bringing back our Chicken, gravy and mash because our Panko Fish and Chips are lonely…so stay tuned as there have been request for this item.

We will also be closing on May 24th (a Thursday) as we will be attending a family school graduation. They grow up so fast. So, what will happen to our FREE WAFFLE THURSDAY…it will be on Wednesday, for now. It may change to Friday but we will keep you posted.

So ENJOY this week’s menu and thank you for your continuing support.

Remember we R closed Mondays and Tuesdays CU Wednesday!

Closing at 3pm for Mother…


…who reminded us that family is more important. Thanks Mum and really keep the hate mail to yourselves on this day…ok

Happy Mother’s Day


This weekend we are going to make it enjoyable by…


…having NO sandwich or slider production and just concentrating on the wings. The Heavenly Wings may or may not be on the menu, it’s the question of getting to the sauce. SO KEEP THE HATE MAIL ON THE LO LO…OK!

By the way, the video insert is beautiful craftsmanship in play.

Free Waffle Thursday…you have 2B a SpotOn Member or Join….and order wings with the waffle


A New Menu and Items


WE have two new items:
1. megumi’s garlic parmesan. OK, it’s a re-do but we think it will please. It has been said that it is addictive! and we copied it from WingStop (sig), so you be the judge.
2.heavenly wings. It’s a translation from Thai and we liked the name as well as the wings. As with Thai, it’s sweet, savory, salty and a little spice (picante).

The new menu is now posted on our blog so check it out.

You will see that there are no sandwiches. Again, we received another “have fun smelling my poop, bitches!” 1 star review last Sunday. From another individual that has no or very few friends, and they always complaining about the service, then hit us on the sandwiches and our use of the microwave etc. They do lie further and bring in the wings as sub par too. Very strange that this is happening now, we have heard that this is also a technique of the yelp organization to get one to buy into their ad program ($1000 a month) and if you pay, they can wipe these reviews off. We have also gotten calls from a company mentioning that they can get rid of these reviews for us…very strange and it’s very bewildering to us. So if any of you can help by countering these reviews by writing your own it will be most welcome.

By the way, apparently this is not an isolated happening as other businesses have received this treatment. E-THUGS this yelp organization! All for profit on the shoulders of everyone that unconsciously participate.

Anyway, enjoy this week. There will be a separate sandwich menu which we need to post. The sandwiches are only available from Wednesday to Friday.

We want to enjoy making food for all of you and that is also another reason why we are not doing any sliders or sandwiches on weekends. WE can focus on the joy and translating it to you.

So enjoy and hope to see you this week.

We are closed Monday and Tuesday, See you Wednesday


What was done with the 10 spice wing

The video explicit so beware…ENJOY

For those who have tried the 10 spice you would have noticed that there was a difference in the presentation of the crust and it was intentional (unlike most items on our menu, well only when we want to tick people off by HAVING NO SANDWICHES ON WEEKENDS!).

But, we digest.

So what was the intention. We wanted to have the crust separate from the meat. This allowed the crust to be delicately crispy specifically for the 10 spice and keep the meat still moist after our high temperature frying technique which involves triple frying. You will notice that most battered crust matt(cling) to the meat and in most cases you want that as in our KFC. But with the 10 spice we wanted to do something different. It’s called a pomme souflee effect coined by David Chang/Momofuku.

As with all souffle…

You wait for the souffle, the souffle does not wait for you.

This is why sometimes you have to wait for our wings because we are not your regular “wing place” and we just don’t throw it in the fryer.

Stanley, thanks for noticing the difference.

By the way, the 10 spice is a permanent addition to the menu…for all you to try.

We are now closed sorry family committed!…see you sunday no commitment…silly rabbit

Closed until 6pm Sat 5

Remember folks, the weekend menu is in effect…


…which means NO SANDWICHES. So keep the hate mails on the lo lo on this one, ok! We will have our sliders but no beef (sold out, sorry)
Everything else is available.

Remember folks, temporary close alert for friday may 4 between 3 to 3:45pm

Closing @ 7p today thursday may 3

Thai BBQ Wings!

Check us out on Twitter! Yes we have Twitter Account…Thai BBQ Wings with Sweet Dipping Sauce.

sliders, free waffle thursday and temporary close alert


It (sliders)  back by demand and we will be updating the menu in the next day.

Also, temporary close alert on Friday May 4 between 3pm to 3:45pm

New Wings this week

1) thai BBQ wing. As with all thai food it’s a blend of savory, sweet, salty and a little picante. We use fish sauce, sweet soyu, turmeric, curry powder, cilantro root, garlic and coconut milk. We are more convince that you do not need a grill per se to achieve a BBQ. It’s the char that forms on the surface as the marinade cooks down.
2) We have finally perfected the 10-spice wing and we will be putting a sauce to complement it on the side. The sauce is still in development so you may get different variations as time goes on (typical HS&P fashion).
3) Spicy chili…this is our quest for a Prince’s Hot Chicken of Nashville wing. They make whole pieces of chicken but we thought maybe a wing portion for us. It’s not authentic but it’s a platform for us to take the dive. We had it on the menu last week but folks, we took it off. The chili grind was TOO SPICY and we would have killed most of you. Arrgh, no more customers and friends…what a concept!~ However, we could handle it but it hurt in the pit of our stomachs after it went down our esophagus. So we hopefully will get a lesser grind of heat with this batch. It’s a different wing from the rest,  as the chili PASTE is applied after frying the wing. We found it addictive after you get pass the heat.

SO ENJOY THIS WEEK WITH US…hopefully it will be better for us as compared to the last two weeks.

PS. The major reason why we are a little slower pumping out our creations is because we are now using a tripe fry technique that results in a crispier wing and it is better. There is no oiliness. By the way, we change our oil everyday and you will not have that 1000 year old bad oil taste of most places.

Sandwiches Part 2


People take our Fried Chicken Sandwich apart and tasting each component individually. Folks, this is not how to eat.
What do you find is a slaw that is bland. A fried chicken tenderloin that may or may not be too salty or over fried etc. Whatever!
This is how we came out with the sandwich.
We hate run-of-the-mill industrial produced tomatoes that you get the whole year round. Tomatoes have a season! We also thought that lettuce was too mundane. So with that in mind, how could we come up with a veggie filler that would push all taste forward and provide a texture compliment to the crunch of the fried tenderloin. We developed our non mayo coleslaw that combines extra virgin olive oil, lime, cabbage for sweetness, onion, cilantro and jalapeño for heat. We add Cheddar and mayo and that’s it. The bread roll is heated in the Panini Grill to soften it. There you have it.
So people take it apart and complain that the slaw is too bland and the chicken too dry. This sandwich has to be eaten whole and not dissected like a carcass.
Your palette is being manipulated by us. When we were a very young and impressionable pup apprenticing in London we learnt that you start by buying the best raw material (why, because you don’t have to work so hard to improve the taste if the taste is there already, very simple). You then turn one’s practice of technique and method to compose a meal. You use components to push elements forward into the forefront and you pull some ingredients that are best as an underlay. You punctuate and you subdue to create a meal…a manipulation, an experience. Therefore, if you are paying BIG BUCKS of a meal at a very fancy hooty-tooty restaurant, run by a highly acclaimed chef, make very sure he is cooking or it isn’t worth it.
So, this is the thought process that goes into the beginning of your meal with us. It is not thoughtless. There is depth of experience going into a sandwich or wings that you eat here. Be very aware. So don’t take our sandwich apart and by the way we do not sell our coleslaw separately anymore (big mistake on our part).

NEXT…the new wings or not so new wings for this week.

New Sandwiches


Yep…very appetizing but you are on my blog!

We have added two new sandwiches and taken off some…
The sliders are no longer available this week as I will be concentrating on two items. These sandwiches like all our other sandwiches are substantial.
They are:
1) t a c s (or tacky as we like to call it) is the acronym for turkey avocado cranberry swiss…yes, baby it’s hot out there and we need a cold sandwich to carry us thru. We love the flavor profile of the sammy and the turkey we use…it’s deli turkey (be forewarned, and keep the HATE mail on the low low on this one, ok). Folks, we can’t roast a whole turkey because we don’t have room but it’s a good deli meat paired up with the mayo, swiss and cranberry and there’s no veggies.
2) THE REUBEN…we love reubens! It’s a hot sandwich that we are grilling in the Panini. Now we don’t use any butter or oil on the bread so when you bite into it…it’s like un-buttered toast. The moisture comes from the inside where we combine our corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and dressing on dark rye. The dark rye is sweet and has a taste profile of whole wheat and rye! The reuben is sour from the kraut and sweet from the bread/beef/sauce/swiss combo. IT’S meltingly HOT all in one package. This sandwich takes time so be prepared to wait!

By the way we have a new menu and I will be describing the new wings in the next couple of hours so stay tuned!

A Rant

Folks, it has been a hard two weeks. We have had a sleuth of bad incidences. We have had someone try to shake us down for free 1/2 pans ! People getting upset that we did not have sandwiches left for them after 3pm and couldn’t conceptualize that these items are ancillary to our main items, wings. APPARENTLY, THEY FEEL ENTITLED that we should anticipate their entrance and have what they want no matter what. The last straw for us, when a couple of individuals came in at 5:25pm on Sunday and we having sold out, didn’t want to accept our explanation of the status. We told them we were not accepting any more orders, we were sold out and were tired. THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE NOW POSTING THESE “HAVE FUN SMELLING MY POOP” REVIEWS ON IDIOT YELP. Look folks, I despise this organization with a vengeance.  I’m on their no call list and lo and behold that has stopped the filtering. Don’t you understand that when a reviewer reviews, Yelp turns to us and tries to hit us for a $1000 a month to be paid for ad money and to get a premier presence on their site. YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED AND WHEN YOU SEE A RESTAURANT AT THE TOP, it is most likely there because they have  PAID FOR THAT PRESENCE.  Folks, go out and explore places and have your taste buds decide.  If things are remiss, either talk to them directly or DON’T GO BACK., IT’S THAT SIMPLE.


How would you like it if you had anonymous individuals review your daily lives and rate you.

So this is what will be posted at the shop.


1. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL OUT OF ANY ITEM! We make things in small batches and therefore WE DO SELL OUT. Even if we are open, we will not take anymore orders. You can look at our hot sauces.

2. Our sandwiches do sell out early! LIVE WITH IT. This is an ancillary item but boy, do people like them.

3. We do not have any RESTROOMS. If you want to wash your hands or pee or poop do it elsewhere, we have wipes for you to use for your hands. WE ARE NOT A REST STOP!

4. If you order, understand it will take time. We make things to order and no matter what, good things take time. WE will let you know how long but it could take longer and if you do accept this WAIT, please understand that you will be eating something good and prepared with care.

And if that is your preference, PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

6. We no longer have 1/2 pans! If you need a large quantity of food, please consult our current menu for the prices. (You will note that there is no 1/2 pans on the menu). You can however call 24 hours ahead to get better prices. ALL WE ASK IS TIME TO PREPARE FOR THESE LARGE ORDERS! and not on short notice.

7. We have no vegetarian items! Sorry we tried and it didn’t work out.


9. Finally, look at us. WE ARE VERY SMALL (the kitchen is less than 80 sq. feet). TWO PEOPLE RUN THIS PLACE. WE BELIEVE IN QUALITY RATHER THAN QUANTITY.

Folks, there is a lot of hurt and anger in this world…don’t add to it!

It’s about the food and preparation.


Free Waffle Thursdays!

Remember we close on Mondays and Tuesdays. See you on Wednesday.


Free Waffle Thursday


OMG…YES it’s FREE when you buy our regular (5 pieces) or 8 x 1.
This is good for only the wings and not for sandwiches. Also, we need to give it to you on a paper plate and not a box because it saves some bulk for the landfill (it’s also cheaper for us too).
That’s it…no ranting or embarrassing ourselves with inappropriate pictures…well NOT!
SO ENJOY a waffle on us and thanks.


We have 4 new items:

1. Shanghainese ten-spice fried wings.
It’s usually made with five-spice powder but we went the extra mile and made it ten. We make our own powder and don’t buy from the chinese grocery. You should be getting it fresh and our blend! (Stanley, this ones for you.)

2. Citrus wings. It’s starting to get warm and it’s orange season so we combined yuzu (a asian citrus fruit with a tart taste), orange and agave syrup which is sweeter than honey.

3. Spicy Masala. Masala = mixture of spices. Here we have combined a hot indian chili powder blend with turmeric, garlic and ginger. We coat the wing for extra crunch. It’s Indian.

4. Corned Beef on Dark Rye Sandwich. Yes, it’s sounds like a Jewish Deli Sandwich but we have added along with the deli mustard our house pickle and ggakdugi kimchi which is a korean sweet pickle daikon radish. The sour/sweet pickle combo gives it a different take on this ‘wich.


Known issues:

A. We have taken a lot of guff for running out of sandwiches. We will continue to run out because they sell out early. A limited amount of bread is purchased everyday and we do not use the previous day’s bread…it’s just not fresh, folks. As for weekends, it’s physically impossible to make sandwiches, waffles and wings together…it’s too much for us. But we can do our sliders and they are good and they sell out early!

B. We do not have bathrooms. Look at the shop, it’s small and you would have to go an obstacle course and through the kitchen and to the back of the shop to get to it. NO BATHROOMS!

C. The seating is limited and we are sorry for that but we try and it’s the best we can do.

D. Parking! This is San Francisco and this is a family neighborhood, a double whammy. We do have a GREEN ZONE that we share with BREWCRAFT and SUN’S REPAIR SHOP. When it’s available, please be our guest and park there.

So, be prepared. Go to the bathroom before you come. Expect to look for parking. When items are not available, there are other good things you can eat!


The Buffalo Part Two

Most of you are wondering why we told the Buffalo story. It is because we make a lot of chicken at the shop and being vegetarian at one time (for spiritual reasons) we needed to acknowledge the giving of life. Believe it or not everything consumes everything whether it be plant or animal. Do plants have  consciousness, well don’t they turn or move towards light for their photosynthesis, that’s a level of consciousness.
But it is the honoring of life that we need to come to grips with,  especially for us. The American Indians came to terms with its killing of the Buffalo by the Buffalo Dance!
So, where is this all leading. You will note that we no longer do the 1/2 pans or large qualities of food in short notice and at very low prices. We wanted to do tribute to the food by taking time and preparing it right and not by rote or in an unconscious, hurried stupor. Life has given life to make a playground for your mouth.  So when ever you think of eating especially with us, think of the Buffalo Dance because we do,  as it underlies every decision we make.  You just cannot consume inadvertently without cause and effect.  To the Buffalo!


The Buffalo Part One

The Buffalo Dance: A Blackfoot Myth

The following is a Blackfoot myth told by Joseph Campbell.

In order to feed their people for the winter, Blackfoot tribes would drive large numbers of buffalo over a cliff, killing the animals at the bottom and harvesting their meat and skins.

One year, however, an unfortunate tribe couldn’t seem to get the buffalo to go over the cliff. Every time they would drive the animals to the edge, the buffalo would turn aside and run along the edges of the cliff back to safety. This was a terrible situation for the people, who were facing winter starvation.

One day, a young woman, getting water for her family, looked at the cliff and the buffalo and said, “If you would just go over the cliff, I would marry one of you.”

Suddenly the buffalo poured over the cliff face. The girl watched in shock as a distinguished-looking buffalo (who happened to be the herd’s shaman) came trotting over to her and told her he was taking her up on her offer. The girl protested that she couldn’t leave her family, but the buffalo shaman gestured to the dead buffalo and said, “All of my relatives lay dead at the base of the cliff. We have kept our word – now you must keep yours.”

The next morning, the family awoke to find the girl gone. Looking at the tracks outside, her father saw that she had gone off with a buffalo and set out after her. After a long while a magpie visited him and told him that his daughter was not too far away. The magpie agreed to carry a message to the girl – to meet her father at the buffalo wallow.

The girl, desperate to see her father, knew that they were in a dangerous situation. Before she could come up with a plan, her husband, the buffalo shaman, tells her to go to the wallow to bring back water. Once there, her father tries to convince her to go with him, but the girl is afraid and goes back to the buffalo.

Of course, the buffalo shaman can tell something is up, and he takes the rest of the buffalo to the wallow where they dance together and then trample the father to death, so that he disappears entirely into the earth.

The girl began to cry, and the buffalo asks her why. “Because he is my father,” she said. The buffalo replied, “And what about us? Our families, our children, wives, parents, sisters, and brothers are all dead at the bottom of your cliff. Who mourns for us?”

Unable to get the girl to calm down, the buffalo tells her that if she can bring her father back to life, she can go free. The magpie helped her to find a small piece of her father’s bone, which she covered with a blanket on the ground. She then sang a magical song and brought her father back to life.

The buffalo, amazed, said to the girl, “If you know how to do this, why don’t you do it for us?” And so, they showed the girl their magical buffalo dance and song, and asked her to teach it to her people so that they can bring the buffalo back to life.

The girl and her father took the buffalo’s request back to their people, and forever afterward danced and sang to bring the buffalo back to life.

The conclusion on Tuesday…it may be preachy.

Free Waffle with Wing Order and SpotOn Signup!

We are giving out a free waffle with your regular 5 piece or 8 piece wing order. Sorry, only applies to wing orders and does not apply to our sandwiches et al.

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Order your wings.

Step 2: Register with SpotOn at our shop by getting a card or download the app. You will get a spot for your troubles.

Step 3:  Like us on our Facebook page, this will get you an extra point. Yo Yo Ma…you now have 2 spots and a belgium waffle.

For those who have registered but not have “liked us” on Facebook, do it and get a waffle and those would have done both you get a waffle too. Just come in and show us your card, swipe it and get a spot in addition to the waffle! A delayed benefit.

The waffle will be put on a paper plate and not on our regular covered box…it’s free but we also want to save money on the packaging and the landfill.

This is a limited time offer.


1.  Order your wings

2.  Signup on SpotOn

3.  “Like us” on Facebook

4. If you have done this already you still can get a waffle, just show us your card, swipe it and if you haven’t done so yet “Like us” on Facebook.

Why are we doing this…because we need to get away from the Yelp referral traffic! and we want to let you know directly what is happening at the shop.

Hope you understand.

This offer ends on Sunday April 22 at 5:30pm so get in here!


Our Asian Jerk Wing…it’s NEW

How did “Jerk” get its name…it was the poking (the practice of jerking) holes into the chicken to let in the marinade.

Now we are NOT IN JAMAICA! And being of the Asian persuasion, we think we need our version of JERK. We don’t have a BBQ out back but you don’t really need one.

So here goes, our jerk marinade:

garlic + ginger + lemongrass + thyme +five spice powder + black pepper + sambal +orange (it’s orange season, folks) + turbinado sugar



Why are people continually comparing us to San Tung! The last time we looked at our sign, it still says “Hot Sauce and Panko”. We can, by the way reproduce the San Tung Wing but have chosen not to. It is basically a modified General Tso sauce with smoked/aged red peppers with honey/corn syrup. However, you need a 40,000 – 100,000 btu wok.
Folks, please stop it. We are beyond San Tung and please stop this silly comparison.
Just enjoy what we are doing and the unique taste we come up with. Yes, we may label an item with a familiar epithet but that is a starting point for us. We adjust and cajole the sauce or item to our taste sensibilities and hope you will like it.
We have from the very beginning decided to do quality rather than quantity and if we run out of food we run out and that’s that. So remember you have one individual preparing your food and not many. Again, the sushi chef concept!
It’s the food and everything else is ancillary. We don’t have bathrooms, nor a great amount of sitting and sometimes things get a bit overwhelming and we forget to smile or give you the attention you demand. But folks, you are getting a quality product, produced with care and love at a very reasonable price. Don’t forget this place is CLEAN and open, too!
See you Wednesday.

Remember we are closed Monday and Tuesday, for now. See you Wednesday.


Opps…onion rings and the Saturday Offerings

So we were wondering why people were not ordering our onion rings which we got back on the menu. Duh! we forgot to put it on the menu so it’s on there NOW.

There are no regular sandwiches except the sliders. We are still out of our Fish Panko Cutlets…sorry guys but it will be back next week.

We opted for a limited wings menu focusing on the new and improved items and our energy level. HEY, this is hard work.

New Miso Wing


Taking a page from George Lucas and screwing around with all the Star Wars episodes when the opportunity presents itself, we have now taken this wing to a level where it belongs. Yes, folks we are constantly screwing around and changing our basic items in the hope of making them better.

Whilst living in Japan we have had our fill of yakitori which means chicken on skewers. Tori is chicken and Yaki means the method of cooking which can range from  grilling or pan frying to sometimes baking or broiling. But  grilling on skewers falls under the category of Kushiyaki, a term for food grilled on a skewer. The food is usually marinated.

We wanted to do a miso wing in homage to the miso yakitori we ate there. As you will also note we’ve avoided the ubiquitous teriyaki and for good reason. You need to make tari, which we cannot do at the shop…well not yet.

So what is different! The marinade is the same but we are no longer battering the wings and with the new equipment we can now char and cook the miso on the wing as originally intended.

We also use shichimi togarashi at the end to enhance the flavor of the wings.

Our philosophy of the miso marinade is simple. Use a very high quality miso from Japan and let it do its work. You will notice that some places add in a citrus  component to the miso…because it is cheap and not very good and adding more components  mask its weakness.

So enjoy.

New Thai Peanut

We survived our Monday which is your Wednesday. We installed the equipment and it’s working but as usual took longer to install. Now we have to get use to the new procedures and machine. Every time we make changes no matter how small or big there is always a disruption to our day or days.
What has this installation done?

Well, the Thai Peanut has evolved and it is better. There is no coating any more on the wing and the sauce has changed (thanks JLo, you were right, FYI, we trust your taste buds).

For the longest time, we have had a love-hate relationship with this wing, but we can now say it is love and we jettisoned the hate. We believe this is going to be a big hit, it’s that good!

The next wing will be the Miso. Megumi, it’s going to be better so don’t worry. We are doing it as a yakitori but instead of bamboo skewers we are are using bones instead so stay tune for an update.

Opening at 12:30pm today Apr 11

We will be opening later as we will be installing new equipment. We hope to take our food to a different and better level with this piece of equipment, but we’ll see.

New Slider

Pie in the sky!

We have a new slider:


We sold out of Panko Fish, so no Fish Sliders and our Panko Fish and Chips…sorry folks


Off the menu veggi wings.

After great consternation  we can no longer do our “off the menu” vegetarian wings. It is just physically impossible for us to produce a quality product at a level that we  are accustomed to and keep up. Sorry but we just can’t do it.

Easter Holiday Schedule…

We will be closed on Sunday April 8 thru Tuesday April 10. See you Wednesday.


Wings Parmigiana…opps

We goofed!

Those of you who had our Wings Parmigiana, we apologize. We did not intend to have it come out the way it did. It should not have been “panko-ed” and the “god damned” oven we purchased could not fit the size of the wings. Duh, our wings are big! So when we tried to layer the wings into the oven, guess what they were touching the heating coils. We should have stopped there but didn’t. So, when we  get the oven problem solved, we will make you your order again but the right way this time and for free. Why? Because we feel that we got the right sauce, the right cheeses and the right way to present the wings which is “not coated”. By the way, we really feel these wings will take off! (sorry for pun). Again, sorry for not thinking this though but we will make it right.

New menus

We have a new menu or menus again. We split it into two, one for wings/extras/waffles and another for sandwiches and our Panko Fried Fish and Chips.

What’s new:

Parmigiana made with wings, parmesan, mozzarella and tomato sauce. We modeled it after a Tuscan recipe we learned from a wife of a “made man”…we use to baby sit with her when he made the rounds at night around Little Italy. We learn to cook home Italian and in the hands of a great person and cook.

The sandwiches will now be panini grilled as we had done in the beginning.  We had an old “made in Italy, heavy as an anvil” panini grill that went tits up several months ago and we couldn’t find anyone to repair it. We loved the panini!  There is nothing like equipment that you know, it’s intricacies  and that one has familiarity with because you have spent the time to know it…just sad that it’s now sitting on the shelf.

Anyway, check out the menus and remember the SPOTON Rewards and sign up.


Sorry folks we have to close Saturday March 2 See you Sunday March 3

Temporary closed between 4pm to 5pm to process game orders!

Temp closed between 4 to 5 to process game orders.